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militants who could go violent. we don't have that type of a threat in the united states, but we do have one, i mean, that's pretty obvious and i think we have taken a little bit too lightly, the dangers of islamic militant propaganda in the united states. the extent to which mosques in the united states can reinforce that-- these attitudes. so, it is something that requires a lot more effort, i think, on the part of the bureau. >> what are the triggering episodes that inspire a young, young muslim americans to go over to al-qaeda? and i'm thinking in particular of this recent somali episode because it seems to some of them were radicalized, if that's the right word, by the invasion of ethiopia of somalia in 2007 which the united states supported. can it be just one event just like that? yes, i mean, there are many factors that obviously come into play and there have been some excellent studies looking islamic militants, particularly those affiliated in europe, and you do tend to see a pattern and that first of all, there tends to be, there's something deeply personal that strikes the believ
chief for "alternate." will also talk with a guest about the united states effort to resolve longstanding difference between israelis and palestinians. also note tim brown of the 9/11 network coalition. he will be here to talk was about the december 5 rally in new york against bernanke 9/11 suspects to a federal courthouse in lower manhattan. . . american icons, continues tonight at 8:00 p.m., with the history, art and architecture of the most symbolic structures, tonight at 8:00 p.m. on c-span and get your own copy of american icons, a three-disk set, $24.95. order on-line at now a look back at cuban missile crisis, with kennedy advisors ted sornson and carol kasem. from the kennedy library in boston, this is an hour and 15 minutes. this war policy was done in secret and steps were taken to deceive us by every means they could. they were planning in november to open to the world the fact that they had these missiles so close to the united states, not that they are with intending to fire them, because if they were going to get into a niewg clear struggle, th
missions to the united states in 1926, he committed an act of violence, and attempted murder in los angeles and was incarcerated in san quentin prison. this becomes a very crucial question as to the veracity of his famous book, "our of the night," in 1941, when eventually appears. immediately it had the following effect on him: krebbs became one of the editors and contributors to the san quentin prisoners magazine. he took lots of extension courses in writing from the university of california and at that point he determined to become a writer. he got all of san quentin in 1929, was deported, went back to europe and got caught up again and communist activities. according to him, he was thrown into jail by the nazis from which he escaped by the following routt: he converted to nazism, the nazis let him out so he could go out and be as it were a double agent for his former communist allies. they, however, didn't think there was anything phony about his -- about his conversion. and under these circumstances, he said he chased by the secret police, both of russia and of germany. he took off wi
. in each administration that you work worked, the united states had a difficult time coming up with what phillip zelikow calls a new master script for american fortune policy. if you look at the events, the collapse of the wall and attacks of 9/11, the government did a pretty decent job in the kind of tactical response and cleanup to the immediate after mamath in b situations in terms of unification of germany and germany within nato and after 9/11 in terms of the invasion of afghanistan. where things started to get maybe shaky was in the longer-term plan. in terms of the bush administration 34 did have a doctrine after, a while afternoon 9/11 by the fall of 2002 that seemed to guide things and seemed to be problematic. walter slocombe has discussed how the one strategy the clinton administration did have that was kind of long term led to poor results. eric adelman has made the case that the d.g.p. was a success and guided the administration but as hesitanted at by the questions this morning perhaps part of that focus of that document blinded us to the rise of radical islam and terrorism
gordon wood presents a history of the united states from 1789 to the end of the war of 1812. he writes that founders of the national government disliked the idea political parties and wish to see the demise of slavery in the north. at the redwood library in newport rhode island, is an hour and 15 minutes. [applause] thank you very much. it is a pleasure to be back here in this magnificent building. 18th century library, which i think is one of the architectural marvels of the united states and everybody should come here to see it. i am delighted to be back here again. this book which is a big fat book, can be used as a doorstop if you decide not to read it. it will work that way. the title of the book comes from a statement of jefferson turkey referred to united states, jefferson being the most expansive mind of president in history. he referred to united states that he was present up as an empire of liberty. different kind of empire is what he saw. and he as i said had great visions for the growth of this united states. i have introduced this book with a little brief description of ri
many countries bring on. particularly the united states. if we keep bringing on debt other countries are going to wonder if they are every going to get their money back. >> what do you think to be snn >> well, i love they are creating a tax bill and calling it a health plan equally as stupid as billing a snow machine and snow world inside a hotel at dubai. i would offer that the size of the dubai g.d.p. is as big as highway shoy i don't think from the second-place -- >> it's the size of their debt in relation to what they can aforward and dubai had one of the highest debts per cap tae. now ours is about 60 g.d.p. is our debt here's the point, the rich countries can afford to carry the debt. the problem is when they get too far extended like a dubai or maybe a japant on the flip side you have countries like to you keep going down this road and pushing the vop. gina? >> i think this is ridiculous saying the reason we shouldn't have health-care is because of what's happening in dubai, this health care proposal is about $8 billion over 10 years. that is a drop of water in the ocean. >> w
problem will bring down other markets. stocks in the united states fell modestly. european markets gained friday, following the steep losses thursday when the u.s. markets were closed for the thanksgiving holiday. we will talk more about what is going on in to buy. let's go back to the phones. santa monica, california, danny on airline for democrats, go ahead. caller: i am a c-span junkie. host: are you going shopping this morning? caller: i saw an ad -- i saw a magazine called ad-busters and the advertised eight no-shopping day. i fast to be conscious of how we are overwhelmed with the amount of food we eat and plus the soldiers that cannot come home and eat. when i'm delirious the day after that, i will get the food but i bypass the shop and i will watch the coverage and see the faces of the people shopping. sometimes they are smiling but 90% of the time, they look very stressed out in photographs and the coverage in the news. i was calling to say that buy- nothing day is the best protest you can do and it is fantastic to be conscious of how we are manipulated by the credit card compani
from the cris so far worldwide which mostly concentrate on the united states $1.7 trillion. we're talkingbout credit sses in dubai o perhaps 0 billion. that an order of magnitude, tw orders of magnitude smaller in dubai than what we have senn the united states. the additional problems in the united states are another 100, 200,00 billion b they are coming on top of all these existing probls. they are comi into a banki system that is weak already in the uited states. >>warner: so briefly do we ve reason to be nervousby hat happened today in dubai. >> yes,t should make us nervou came at an ago waurd time. abu dhabi is closed for usiness until mondaso we don't know whateal they work ouuntil at least sunday. and if monday we have new rk opening without full relution of the issue, ithout total clarity it is going to be a difficult wee >> warner: si upon johnson of m.t. and the person institute, thank you so much. >> ank you. >> odruff: in other news today iran was censured r its nuclear pgram by the u.n.'s nuclear watch dog agency. 25 nations including cha and russia apoved the resol
as the manufacturing sector. but manufacturing jobs have actually been vanishing in the united states for decades. between 1995 and 2002 alone the number of those jobs declined by 11%. >> but some companies are finding ways to save manufacturing jobs and keep them here in this country even in these tough economic times. >> reporter: for someone who runs a guitar string manufacturing business, jim is also a bit of a tinkerer. over the past two years, he's cut inventories, streamlined factory floor operations, updated technology, and saved jobs at his long island-based company. >> we made a commitment in the '70s we were going to make our products in america, and we're still committed to that. we've never sold one string that we didn't make here in new york. >> reporter: he's one of a growing number of u.s. manufacturers that have adopted the toyota waste reduction strategy popularly known as l.e.a.n. that popular relies on automation. more than half surveyed have implemented l.e.a.n. or plan to do so. he says the replaced workers can be cross trained to do other jobs. >> we do not want to lay peop
-winner. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. wolf blitzer is off today. i'm suzanne malveaux, and you're in "the situation room." >>> president obama is about to reveal a new strategy for the war in afghanistan. he'll travel to the u.s. military academy at west point on tuesday where he's going to brief the nation on his plans to send more troops to the war zone. this week, he signaled that determination. >> after eight years, some of those years in which we did not have, i think, either the resources or the strategy to get the job done, it is my intention to finish the job. >> tens of thousands of troops are assumed likely to get marching orders, but will more troops make a difference? i put that question to cnn's veteran war correspondent, michael ware. >> it depends on what the michael hopes to achieve. if the president wants to put pressure on the taliban war machine, then yes, he needs to send more troops because right now with all of the u.s. and nato forces in afghanistan, the taliban machinery is virtually untouched. indeed, american operations are feeding in
transforming the united states of america. and he also had a record powerfully indicating that he would pursue policies dangers to the security of israel. because of all this, i hoped for a while that my fellow jews would finally break free of the liberalism to which they have remained enthralled, long past the point where it has served either their interest over their ideals, whether as a jews or as americans. that hope having been so resoundingly dashed on election day, i never asked for a bit of encouragement from the signs that buyer's remorse may be beginning to set in among jews. as it also seems to be doing among the independents who voted for obama. and so i am now hoping against hope, that the exposure of obama as a false messiahs will at last open the eyes of my fellow jews to the co-relative falsity of the political creed that he so perfectly personifies and into which so many of them have for so long been so misguidedly loyal. thank you very much. [applause] >> before we start the questions and answers, i'm a study that immediately following his presentation at 4:00, mr. podhoretz
. bangladesh is a country of 1 sixty million people, half that of the united states. a three foot rise in sea level would put a good part of the become dulled the beneath the sea. that produces half of the rice for vietnam. a country of eighty million people and the country that is the world's second rising rice exporter after thailand. others will be affected in varying degrees by rising sea level. imagine ice melting in the far north atlantic will shrink the rice harvest of asia. but this is not the most serious threat. that is coming from melting mountain glaciers. the glacier monitoring institute in switzerland has now reported the eighteenth consecutive year of shrinking mountain glaciers around the world. they monitor glaciers in the andes and the rocky mountains, the alps, the himalayas, the tibetan plateau and they're reporting glaciers are melting everywhere. it is the ice melts from the glaciers in the himalayas and on the tibetan plateau that sustains the major rivers of asia during the dry season. it is that i smelled that sustains the rivers that also sustains the irrigation syst
bedfellows and ha -- it reversed to an old notion of the united states as the world's policeman and suggested the united states pursue the next advancement of civilization. george step nop louse speaking for then bill clinton argued they were hoe deep spending cuts. and alan trance tone -- they wanted to make sure the united states was the only main hoverageo on the world block, the global big enchilada. the following day tyler report that had bureaucratic tribal war fare had broken out. i'm shocked. say that senior white house and state department officials have harshly criticizeed the draft pentagon policy statement and one administration official was quoted as that in no way or shape represents u.s. policy. and lost in the swirl of all this was the very sinch fact that pete williams, the spokesman, pointed out or even very widely in the government, a lot of people are making comments about a document they never actually read. >> and bart gelman tried do a better job of seting the document in some context. but by and large first impressions are very hard to chape. hard to shape. and i think
is frequently voiced by the west and the united states in particular. >> the united states remains firmly committed to a peaceful resolution to international concerns over iran's nuclear program. we also remain willing to engage iran to work toward a diplomatic solution to the nuclear dilemma it has created for itself, if only iran would choose such a course. but our patience and that of the international community is limited. >> just yesterday, the outgoing iaea director general, mohamded elbaradei, castigated iran for blocking the agency's inquiries into iran's nuclear progm. >> it is now well over a year that the agency was last able to engage iran in discussions about these outstanding issues. effectively we have reached a dead end, unless iran engages fully with us. >> for more on today's vote on iran, we are joined by ervand abrahamian, he is an iran specialist and distinguished professor of history at city university of new york. welcome. >> thank you. >> as we heard in the report, the iaea's decision to censure iran, i believe the first time it's taken action like this in almost f
will surf for deals on monday. that's over half of the office workers in the united states. you can get some tips about on- line shopping at by clicking on living smart. >>> police in south florida are looking for the man accused of killing four people, including a 6-year-old girl on thanksgiving day. it happened in the town of jupiter west of north palm beach. police believe that paul killed his two sisters their 76-year- old aunt and a cousin. one of his sisters was pregnant. police say 17 relatives in all were in the house at the time the shooting started. two others are being treated for injuries. >>> a status hearing is scheduled on monday for the man accused of killing a security guard at the u.s. holocaust museum. james von brunn is currently being treated at a north carolina hospital as doctors evaluate if he is able and competent stand trial. he's been in the hospital since the attack in june. he was shot in the face by another guard. james von brunn's treatment has cost the department of corrections more than 5 -- $55,000 so far. >>> the virginia couple that allegedly cra
th inrgents there and vry portantly ome plausible scenario f how the unite states ends thist some point and gets t because he's got a liberal base that is very woied about that. peteis there soe worry tt this i i, that if this increase doesn do it, n more? >> i think forsome liberals there woul't even be this increase. t yes there's going o have o be some tpe of god effct and it's going tobe very hard for him to gbeyond this. there are thousands onato troops tere as well so this ll be a fairly lrge bildup t again the presint, he's going have to talk abt how this is oing to be effective in dismantng al qaeda ad fighting the isurgents atthe same time havi aplausible scenario for how it ends esident pete: wesaw this week apretty good xample of hw tough sell itill be the the esident laid outwhy he thiks it's important tostay in afghistan to go after errorists in thetribal aras but soe saidle onl way to prove it is if there are taxes rsed to pa pour it. >> to mke sure al qaeda an its extremit alliescannot operate effecvely in those areas. we're oing to ismantm and degre their capaliti
, there you see it to the president of the united states with the secret service is now saying. @ >> julie: time for top of the news, russian authorities are blaming a homemade bomb for derailing an express train last night. the result killing dozens of people. a nationwide search is now underway for a florida shooting suspect, she accused of killing four members on thanksgiving. on sunday they will release 911 tapes from tiger woods' suv crash. they plan to speak to woods about the wreck. >> gregg: secret service is formally apologizing to stop two party crashers at a white house state dinner. just how bad is the security breach? take a look at this. this is the picture at the white house. it insists these are uninvited guests shaking hands with the president. prime minister of india looking on. >>> to get into a state dinner, you are supposed to have your social security number, date of birth, name all before the dinner starts. reality show hope flsz got a whole lot of hutzpah. now, they are releasing this in the blue room getting a photo with the president right next to the prime minist
in the united states. and the nearly $100 billion global porn business. in fact, it's a business so big that every second $3,075 is being spent on it, more than 28,000 internet users are viewing it, 372 internet users are typing adult terms into search engines to find it, and every 39 minutes, a new video, including this one, is being produced in the united states. pornography sells what millions of people want and want often. steven hirsch is cofounder and co-chairman of vivid entertainment, one of the biggest players in adult entertainment. >> as our first movie was 25 years ago, it's really the same formula. beautiful girls who work exclusively for the company, movies that cater to couples and hot sex. those things haven't changed. >> what is changing is the business of porn. its profits are under assault, official industry statistics are tightly guarded, but by some estimates, dvd sales are down between 30% and 50% in the last year, pounded by a weak economy, piracy, and free or cheap porn on the internet. industry execs say this is the toughest time ever in the history of pornograp
's annual pro stock la may go. >> i encourage all the people of the united states to come together to express appreciation to those whose lives enrich our own. ben, are you going to get a social security check or iou because with $12 trillion in debt i don't know if there's any bounty left to share? >> well, i'm not going to get social security. this is city a country in which well to do people have a lot to give to less we forpe there's no more money throughout mr. obama for you to spend on your fantasy projects. weaver broke. >> there are some people out there. an andy warhol silk screen went for big money. but you brought up a point. it's somebody making $250,000 or $300,000 or the small business owner. >> everybody will feel the pain. it channels down this past year, $3.5 trillion were spent tor snore but you have to have something to give. and i'm sorry the well has run dry. the taxpayers are spent and pent right now. you can psych -- it would be less than that. >> go ahead. >> i wanteded to say something about bounty. we are a very generous nation. but shouldn't it be left u
as they try to pass from meco to the united states. >> it's cold out there tonight. >> it almost feels like december. it almost is december. >> we're not ready to feel it. it was an interesting day to watch the sky. a little bit of small hail frr the showerers on to the northwest. more than rain drops. a couple clouds. those were all snow flakes. the high temperature, noontime made it up to 50 degrees. now, we are up to 41 degrees. this novr is almost four wgs warmer than last month? art temperatures or high temperatures, here we are 50. 50s, 60s, 70s. 72, a record high temperature. in the middle part of the country, no sign of real cold stuff coming our way. 30s in the bismarck as we head toward december. there, you can see the overall pattern with ripples moving along. we'll continue to see them, as we get into the week, more rains coming our way. for the big travel day, wisconsin, minnesota, rainshowers in the southwest. up and down the east coast, no matter where you're going and drying. travel conditions will be great. no problems, no storms and dry. in pittsburgh there were snow showe
-- it makes a lot of sense the united states to get off of foreign oil. >> that's the whole thing. here km the talking points. here come all the talking points. that's the idea that the green's headed by al gore would like to have you believe that the con census is in. the exaggeration and manipulation showser they would hang a business guy for this. tyson -- >> if they were told one chart in a power point presentation. >> all right. hold on. guys. >> tyson, here's the problem with this. and it's more with cap and trade than the actual issue with climate change. we have issues. we shoorp it will raise for the average american if we see what's proposed go into law. >> we can boost the commip and when they stopped putting cad lid i can converters on cars. there's been a lot of cases in history where the majority of scientists were wrong. the earth and the sun at the center of the thing. darwin more recently. [laughter] >> i don't think this is one of those cases but it's irrelevant because to layfield's pp peter: -- it would cost so much to the economy in the short run that it's the to zove
, it was a terrific event for india, for the united states. and it's just so darn sad that these two wackos have to get the attention three straight days on the front page of the "washington post." i mean, "the new york times." >> alex, i can't say this couple is losers. i don't know who they are. i never heard of the guy running the polo club or whatever it is. they've been on every tv show, the front page. brian williams, i understand, led with him and he was discussing the incident. the whole country is talking about this three or four days after the dinner, and they're -- >> so, in this country, we are so obsessed with fame and we've got the whole reality tv obsession going, does this mean these two have a future on the social circuit there in washington? are they now the top dogs? >> see, this is the trouble with this. pat and i were talking about this, alex. look, how do you become to be famous? pretty easy, facebook. but this is also the time people around their thanksgiving tables are talking about this stuff. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. i was, too! >> everybody knows more about this than they
it possible to create products in the united states efficiently, cost-effectively, and so forth. some manufacturing should be done in china, but too much manufacturing is being done in china that could be done more effectively in the united states. >> reporter: jim agrees and hopes other manufacturers will follow his lead. >> i think people are afraid to make the commitment to l.e.a.n., to automation, to reinvesting in their factories because they have this stigma in their mind, they have this belief that you can't make it effectively and profitably in america, and that's not true. i think people give up on manufacturing in america prematurely. it can be done. >> reporter: ali velshi, cnn, new york. >>> so how close did the white house party crashers get to president obama? take a look right here. >>> and the police pay a call on tiger woods. the latest on the middle of the night mystery that has everybody talking. >>> and celebrating at the cinema, from ninja assassins to a cartoon fox. what's on the big screen this holiday season? you're in the cnn "newsroom" where the news unfolds
. there she is with the president of the united states. russian officials are calling a train crash that killed 26 people an act of terrorism. meanwhile, a second less powerful bomb has exploded near the scene. no one was injured in that explosion. police suspect a crash which happened yesterday could be the result of a planned terrorist attack. the train defailed while travelling on a busy rail line between moscow and st. petersburg. the white house as released a statement says it's deeply saddened by the railroad accident and the terrible loss of lives and injuries. president obama will announce his afghanistan troop decision from west point on tuesday, but as the war in afghanistan drags on. are the mainstream media and some democrats growing a bit weary about all of this? joining us now is author, journalist and fox news contributor liz thank you for joining us here today. your thoughts how this is going to unfold both among the president's party faithful and the liberal media? >> yes, of the two phrases we've been hearing, brian, all week have been finishing the job, they have
the story. >> reporter: it's a picture worth 1,000 words and then some. the president of the united states face-to-face with a pair of uninvited party guests who turned out to be reality tv stars. washington is indignant. the secret service embarrassed. it's still not clear how they waltzed to the white house dinner. they managed to kozy up to vice president biden and a list of other party goers. they were being taped for an upcoming season of the real housewives. they are ready to tell their side of the story monday. on her facebook page, she says she was honored to be invite d. their lawyer insists they were cleared by the white house. the secret service claims their names re not on the guest list. they should have been prohibited from entering. >> this time, it was a nice looking blond. next time, it could be a terrorist. >> these people could have had anthrax, they could have taken a knife off the table and stabbed the president. >> reporter: the secret service questioned them. they could be facing criminal chges. a steep price to pay for 15 minutes of fame. they were said to be a one-
1000 words and then some, the president of the united states face-to-face with a pair of uninvited party guests who turned out to be aspiring reality tv stars. official washington is in dignity, the secret service embarrassed. it is still not exactly clear how the salahi couple crashed the dinner honoring the indian prime minister. they manage to cozy up to vice president joe biden and a host of other a list partygoers. salahi was being taped for a broad vote series called "the real housewives." she said she was honored to be invited. their lawyer insists they were invited by the white house. the secret service now says their names were not on the guest list. they should have been prohibited from entering the event. >> this time it was a nice pretty blonde, the next time it could be an assassin. >> has a dangerous habit of cutting security corners. >> they could have had anthrax, they could have stabbed the president. >> the secret service has questioned the couple and some legal experts believe they could be facing criminal charges, a price to pay for 50 minutes of fame. she was s
who grew up in ni r nigeria and qualified in the united states. he was working as medical examiner in pittsburgh. >> there was a commotion. everyone was excited. >> he performed the autopsy, confirming that mike webster died of a heart attack. >> however, a question kept coming in my mind. the heart attack cannot explain his life after football. i had to provide an explanation for that. so i took out -- i was extremely disappointed when i opened up his skull and his brain looked formal. it looked like a perfect text book picture of a normal brain. >> determined to find answers, he continued studying mike webster's brain, and a whole new scientific account began to unravel. he said he found a new medical condition. chronic traumatic ensef alepathy. >> we're looking at a microscopic slide at a microscopic picture of the brain of a normal individual, about 40 years old. it looks very beautiful, attractive. the same region of the brain in a football player, about 40 years old. >> wow. >> you can see a difference. you don't have to be a brain expert to notice the difference. what you ca
're in such trouble that we recommended that the united states call for a complete moratorium on catching all atlantic blue fin tuna. >> reporter: but consumers can help. to save the blue fin tuna, environmental groups are campaigning to get consumers to stop ordering toro when eating sushi. protesters in london locked the doors of nobu sushi restaurant there to get their point across. here in washington, spices on connecticut avenue said it stopped serving blue fin tuna. don't stop with the blue fin. there are other fish on the sushi menu that are struggling to keep up with our appetite. to help you make better choices, the monday ray bay aquarium has a sustainable sushi guide. you can download it to your pda. it tells what you to avoid and gives you tasty alternatives. shah tacky restaurant in san francisco hands out the guide with its menus. it also came up with creative alternatives to the more overfished species. >> it's tough. it took us a little while to play around with the fish. >> reporter: the chef ended up using an the earntive to the fresh water eel. you know in the modern times we have s
dollars in health care and cap and trade, but when it comes to protecting the united states, we cannot find a couple hundred billion dollars. when you look at defense spending over the course of the last 50 years, about 60% of the americans' budget in 1960 was defense spending. it is now about 12%. don't tell the american public that the defense is soaking up all the money. this war is putting us into the deficit, that is not true. entitlements, the things that tennis -- @ dennis kucinich on the left have supported is what is putting us in debt and want to give us more entitlements, which will put us deeper in debt. >> they never backer is hardly a flaming liberal and he gave a speech against staying in afghanistan, as did jim duncan. to try to make this left-right is to lock us into old thinking that keeps us in wars we should not have fought in the first place. it undermines our national security and makes it less likely we will have our economy rebound. taking care of things to write home. i am saying we should have left there after we found al qaeda and their training camps, which
products in the united states to keep these jobs here, to support families and women here in the united states. >> reporter: encouraging patriotic spending keeps dollars earned in the u.s. state side. >> we're reinvesting in our country for our kids. we are recycling american dollars. we're preserving american jobs and we're insuring that perhaps those businesses will stay here in america. >> made in, why not? this holiday weekend, we want to help some of the people out there that are looking for jobs in these tough times. each hour today, we're bringing you another edition in our on the job hunt series to let you know where you can find some of the jobs that are available. you'll see it only on fox. >>> i like that report, jamie. >> thank you. >> berlin is bustling with holiday spirit as the city holds its annual santa summit. around 100 merry helpers gearing in the german capitol to review the holiday basics from delivering gifts to singing christmas carols. berlin student employment centers sponsors the event and organizers say the real santa needs plenty of helpers to pull o
to the united states. >> exactly. and worse than that, a lot of people in iran because of the fact that president obama is a realist and he is a pragmatic politician, they think that, and i mean i'm not saying that he is doing it but that is a common perception in iran that they think the american administration has reached a deal, has reached a grand bargain with iran that there are going to be quiet about human rights in iran and iranian government and the revolutionary guards will reach -- will make some sort of compromise what nuclear program and also security and peace and security in iraq and afghanistan. >> rose: how important are the nuclear program to the volutionary guards? >> it's very important. i mean the worst thing that can happen to iran is a nuclear bomb. i am not suggesting that the fix day after they build the bomb they are going to attack israel or other countries. that's not going to be the case. but what the nlear bomb will do is to bolster the confidence of the revolutionary guards. they will intensify their internal oppression of peaceful demonstrations. and
mansion, there are 132 rooms, with a floor plan that unites the ground, state, and second floor with a centrally located oval shaped room. on the ground floor in the central space is the diplomatic reception room, with the map room, library, and china rooms complementing it on either side. one floor up is the state floor, anchored by the blue room in the center, with the state dining room at 1 did the hall, the east room at the other, and the red and green rooms of to either side of the blue state parlor. on the second-floor private residence, the yellow oval room is the central space, ordered by the treaty room, lincoln bedroom, and the queen's room to the east of it. presidential bedrooms and study , the west sitting parlor, and the family's private dining room to the west. >> if you took the white house by the hair of ahead and pulled it up out of the ground, it would be huge. you would not even imagine how enormous it could be. to basement floors, the west wing with sellers and basement, the east wing, and under all that a bomb shelter. you would keep pulling and pulling and
is located in the persian gulf, one of the united arab emirates. at the state went through unprecedented growth in the last decade, planning man-made islands, the world's tallest tower, an indoor ski slope, and the world's only seven-star hotel. it attracted investors from around the globe, but the growth came to a halt. they are now struggling with debt, about $60 billion worth of money used to finance that growth. growth. >> when there is a problem around the world, and rattles. it could trigger another shot to the global financial system just as they recover from the financial crisis. analysts believe that dubai's lenders will work out a deal to restructure the debt. they are monitoring the situation closely. if you think the u.s. markets have been on a tear, you should see the action in these emerging markets like india, china, and brazil. in some cases, they are doubling. the dow jones industrial average was down 1.5% today, but some asian stock markets were down on the dubai news. you need a strong dose of dramamine to invest the money. julie: thank you so much, peter. it is make o
't know. >> you're the united states of america, man! come on. sean: you want to gut our military? >> you're afraid of a few hundred guys on monkey bars? sean: millions. islamic fanatics. i believe there's millions of people that believe there are virgins in heaven if they commit a suicide bombing. >> all religions have their fanatics, wouldn't you agree with that? sean: some. not all. but most. >> including ours. sean: are you one? >> i'm a religious fin the attic -- fanatic? i am, actually. i believe when jesus said you are to love your neighbor as yourself, you have to love your enemy. do you love your enemy? sean: i do. >> so you love al qaeda, then? sean: i don't love them. i love them in the sense i want to destroy them. >> i don't think that was what jesus was talking about. sean: they want to go see allah, i'm all in favor of giving them a first class ticket if they don't respect human life and dignity. >> how do you think jesus would handle this? sean: it's an interesting question. jesus would have the ability to change people's hearts. i don't have his powers. >> you're on tv ev
. and this is kind of like rhode island going bankrupt, it's not the united states going bankrupt. >> that puts it in perspective. how about them getting bailed out. there's suggestions that abu dhabi would be helping out. are they going to pick up the tab? >> they haven't told us whether they will or not. they would be smart to do so because this casts a pale of uncertainty over all seven emirates. they can easily afford to do it and they should. bailing them out isn't going to be $80 billion and dubai is still worth something and this is probably going to be $10 billion $20 billion and that is a manageable sum of money in the oil states. >> appreciate the live report. >>> coming up hot stuff this holiday season, a little toy that's a big get. a look at other high-tech animals that are going to warm your heart. also ahead, another first for first lady michelle obama. stay with us. you're watching "msnbc saturday." es! the magic's in the mix. my favorite part? eating it. honey bunches of oats. taste the joy we put in every spoonful. honey bunches of oats. we call the bunches in honey bunches of
. michaele ander the rec salahi face-to-face with the president of the united states. india's prime minister in the background. it all happened tuesday night at president obama's first state dinner. the worst security breech in white house memory. also new tonight, a statement from the secret service taking full blame noting -- established protocols were not followed and that failing is hours. >> a couple of party crashers at the white house. publicity seekers seemingly harmless but they could have been anyone. in a moment, the man who has known mrs. salahi for 15 years and spent hours with her preparing for that state din on tuesday. but first, the very latest from tom foreman. >> reporter: the stunning image of the salahis meeting president obama after slipping into the white house state dinner only reinforces the seriousness of the questions surrounding them. the secret service director now admits they should have been prohibited from entering the event entirely. that failing is ours. >> mr. and mrs. salahi. >> reporter: how the couple made it so far is under investigation, and more clues
correspondent. bill: i'm worried that this health care is going to send the united states into bankruptcy. california there now. massachusetts is in big trouble. and can you reassure me that universal health care isn't going to bankrupt the united states of america? >> absolutely. because there are other areas we can cut -- bill: all right. >> that was just to me amazing. i wondered of as i watched of does he recognize that there is a camera on him? because typically you wouldn't see someone be that inslat. he was looking at the fingernails. typically we pick our fingernails when we are feeling nervous. i knows he was doing this out of nervousness but to prove he was unaffected by you. bill: this is how i took it and believe me i saw it when it was going on but i didn't react to it because he was baiting me. >> yeah. bill: he is baiting me. he wants me to say something mean to him because that's why he came on. his gesture is one of disfor the question, correct? >> yes. what's interesting though is when you say to him you can reassure me? his mouth puckers inward and lifts on a sign of co
dreams out on the soccer field right here in the united states. >>> and the husband saving his wife's life, but they say the philadelphia phillies played a major role in her recovery. we'll tell you how that happened, and you'll hear her amazing story. you're watching net impact on >>> here is another tidbit for you. former president dwight eisenhower, gerald ford, and ron at reagan all reached the highest office in our land, but before they were president, they were each standout athletes in college. wow. now this. what a year it's been for this next athlete. his name is bofgio. the chicago fire welcomed the rookie mid-fielder to her roster, and being all to play in front of his own hometown has been. a a dream come true, especially when you consider that his journey began in another country where his memories of death and destruction still remain a big part of him. josh mora has gee or geo's story. >> i spent a lot of time playing with my family, so that's really basically it, that i remember, is just playing around with my cousins, running in the wood, and that sort of thing. >>
and now pictures of them with the president of the united states. fred barnes. >> what a great story r henry kissinger said power is the greatest aphrodisiac, well, flame, even fleeting flame is a good of aphrodisiac. it is amaze what people will do to get a little fame and they pulled off this stunt in public, which is quite a stunt and it worked. look, they wouldn't have gotten quite the fame if one of the people involved wasn't a pretty blond. that's television is always a sucker for putting a blond, a pretty blond on.y but, they will have some fame for a while, and i don't think much more will come of it. the secret service will investigate this thing, but look, the answer is very simple. check the people's i.d. against the invitation list. that's all you have to do, and as i recall, from going to a state dinner, your i.d. is checked twice to see if you're on the invitation list, once when you're standing outside in line and once later. that's all you have to do is check the i.d. against the invitation list f they had done that, this wouldn't have happened. brian: neen nina, they w
in the united states. it will guide you straight to the store you're looking for. is that an app that you would be interested in? >> yes, i would be. i'm trying to find a map on the mall and looking over and finding colorful. yes, i would use it. >> reporter: let's say i'm interested in buying this weather forecasting box but i want to make sure that i'm getting the best deal. just open up an app called red laser and align the phone's camera with the product's bar code. then they'll compare the stores price with other retailers online. >> now i know for sure i am, indeed, getting the best deal. >> reporter: is that an app that you would use? >> definitely. i would definitely use that. it saves time. you want to be able to get what you want as soon as possible. >> reporter: once you got the gift, now you need your car. but if you can't remember where you parked, then use an app called g park. just click on where did i park and it will guide you straight to your car. at the pentagon city mall in arlington, christian fisher, 9news now and >> i don't know how it does that. >>> folks got
that might represent. i think when you're dealing with georgia, a developing democracy, and the united states you have two very different kettles of fish in terms of flow of information, freedom of the press and all of these other things. so it's less of a dangerous situation here which is why i think there's potential to harness -- harness outsourcing and make it work for us. you would have a very different situation in a lot of other countries in the world. finally, with respect to the first question. i just wanted -- where did you go? there you are. yeah, just to point out one thing. you know, we're talking about the pentagon in development. that's a whole new thing. for the department of defense to consider development part of its purview. i would just ask ourselves whether that really makes good strategic sense. i think it's not so smart. that's my own personal opinion. i can go into that more if you want later. [inaudible] >> i'm not sure. but i do see those two wars as anomalies. we really to have make a distinction between wartime contracting and peacetime contracting. i think wartime
's rivers, more than 50,000 invasive species have taken root in the united states and experts say they could cause up to $150 billion in damage every year. >> we end up dealing with productivity losses, perhaps in some cases ecosystem losses. >> reporter: it's a side effect of global trade, species hitchhike on transoceanic cargo ships and produce crossing borders. another culprit: pet owners who decide their exotic friends are too much to handle. >> this one is dead. >> reporter: the u.s. lags behind other countries in regulating invasive species, so states and counties are doing what they can. >> please help keep napa county glassy wing sharpshooter free. just say "not in my backyard." >> reporter: in florida's backyard, the python season just ended. 15 licensed hunters caught 37 snakes. hardly a success. yet a consolation for hunters. they're free to sell the skin and the meat. at this market in boston, a pound of python goes for $35. >> you really want to be very careful when you're preparing it as it has a delicate nature. >> reporter: there may be more for the taking next year. scienti
in this country. a new study is estimating about 40% of all the food produced in the united states is thrown out, thrown away. 40% of it. and yet a survey from the u.s. department of agriculture reports 1 in 6 americans say they don't have enough to eat. nbc's mara schiavocampo spent time with one middle-class family that could be called the new face of hunger. >> reporter: for so many people these days grocery shopping is a reminder of what they cannot afford. >> my name is susan vass. i was purchasing in purchasing. and i was laid off. >> how much do you generally spend when you come to the grocery store? >> it depends on how much i have. i spend 150, i would say, a month. that's what i was spending a week. >> reporter: to stretch her unemployment checks, vass uses coupons on sale items and often buys discounted produce. >> these are damaged. they might be -- have parts on them. >> reporter: it's the best she can do to feed her three kids, fiance, and his daughter. >> do you have breakfast every day? >> no. >> sometimes no. >> maybe five days out of the week they don't eat breakfast. prior to
countries. it is legal in the united states but critics worry it could lead to designer babies based on societal preference. >> we feel as technology advances we can take advantage to enhance our lives and the lives of others, it's a good thing. >> so here we've got a healthy boy and here we've got a healthy girl. >> los angeles fertility specialist dr. jeffrey steinberg says many of his american clients are like bob and mindy. they're in search of family balancing. gender selection uses pgd technology to extract that single cell from each embryo. the cells are then studied under a high powered florescent microscope to determine gender. dr. steinberg says 70% of his patients are international, seeking the procedure that's banned in their home country. >> there is a slight preponderance of preference for female and this is contrary to everything that's publicized. clearly, it varies by country, china strongly in favor of boys, india strongly in favor of boys. when you look at the world in general it's 50/50. i say to critics that the last thing in the world that you want to do is put
of state and the invited people there including the president of the united states and the first lady. talk to me about your initial thoughts about what could have gone terribly wrong here? >> well, it sounds like, what what i have heard and read, that they went through the magnatometers. you have to realize, this administration is dealing with important issues. they should not be dealing with shameless people who are out for self-promotion. it's ridiculous. it's now become the focus. >> former social secretary for president george w. bush. thank you for your time time, appreciate it s. thank you. >>> hello, again. i'm fredericka whitfield. you are in the cnn newsfield. president obama gets ready to send more troops to afghanistan. >>> a mysterious car crash that injured tiger woods. >>> black friday is over. get ready for cyber monday. the news room begins now. >>> as president obama gets ready to send more troops to afghanistan, there's talk of an exit strategy. britain will hold a conference two months from today. it's to replace international troops. >> i believe that we will be able to
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